Baked Giant Beans

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This is a fantastic Store Bought Greek Vegan option. Open a can, heat on the stove and you’ve got a hearty, healthy Greek vegan dish in minutes.

giant beans with lemon

My favorite brand is Palirria. Imported from Greece, the beans contain no preservatives. Serve with a wedge of lemon, crusty bread and a glass of white wine for a satisfying, delicious meal in no time at all.

Cans come in one serving and 10 serving sizes. You can also buy bythe case. They are an affordable, healthy option when you want to eat Greek vegan but just don’t have the time to cook.

Palirria Giant Beans

Reheating Instructions (single serving)

  • Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in a small pan, scoop beans out of can and into hot oil

    giant beans in can

  • Cover and reduce heat to low for 3-4 minutes

    heat covered for 3-4 minutes

  • Remove from heat, service immediately

If I have white wine on hand, I’ll add a couple of tablespoons to the pan right after adding the beans.

Enjoy with lemon, cracked black pepper and crusty bread to make a satisfying, healthy and super quick meal.

You can find Palirria Giant Beans and other brands (another good choice is Fantis) in most local Greek markets or order online at Parthenon Foods.

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