Is it an herb or a weed? Either way it’s delicious and a staple in Greek kitchens. Fresh, dried, even frozen,dill or άνηθο (anitho) is easy herb to keep on hand year round.

freshly washed dill

Fresh dill is my first choice in most recipes. Whether it comes from your garden, farmer’s market or grocery store always give fresh dill a gentle rinse. I like to spread it out on a clean dish towel, pat dry and leave it to sit for a bit to make sure it’s good and dry before I cook with, dry or freeze it. On top of some great health benefits, dill has such a pretty Continue Reading →

Greek Vegan Favorite Salt

Just seeing the bottle reminds me of being in Greece and it’s  funny how this salt makes everything taste a little more Greek to me.

Kalas Salt

Yes, I know salt doesn’t have a flavor but this is really a salt above the rest. It’s a very pure, fine sea salt and I sprinkle it on not just savory but sweet foods as well. Try it on grapefruit, no joke it take the bitterness out and leaves just the citrussy sweetness on your tongue. Perfect for cooking and baked goods too.

Bonus – unlike other sea salts, Kalas can be used in any regular salt shaker! Find it online at .

Orzo with Zucchini – Κριθαρακι με Κολοκυθακια

traditional orzo and zucchini

This is one of my favorite take for lunch meals. It’s every bit as delicious the next day and served at room temperature if you don’t have the opportunity to heat it up. You can use yellow squash or zucchini, I like a combination of both, with a fresh squeeze of lemon.

Three delicious flavors of Greece are featured in this recipe: lemon, oregano and garlic. Combine these with the squash, Continue Reading →

Horiatiko Chopped Salad

So beautiful and so delicious, this simple combination of finely chopped fresh raw veggies is the Greek Vegan’s variation  of a village vegetable salad.  The trick to this recipe is to choose the very freshest, most ripe ingredients you can find and let their flavors do all the work for you. Tucked inside a stunning yellow heirloom tomato, this is a perfect first course and one that’s sure to impress. A sharp, quality knife and you’re on your way! Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas! Καλά Χριστούγεννα!

This photo was taken last year right before Christmas along the main street in Loutraki, Greece. The Christmas tree of lights right in front of the palm trees always make me smile – so different from what we have here in Boston!

Christmas in Loutraki

Strolling through the square on  balmy 70 degree night, the Christmas lights dancing off the water behind and the best part – wait for it –  Dean Martin Christmas carols (in English!) coming from the town square loudspeakers.

On this Christmas Eve, I’d like to share a more traditional and very beautiful Greek Christmas melody with you all that I look forward to hearing every year in church. Καλά Χριστούγεννα!

Favorite Tomato Paste

This is hands down, bar none my absolute favorite tomato paste. You’ve probably noticed by now that more than 50% of Greek vegan dishes contain tomato paste so this is a staple and very important ingredient. If your tomato paste is of a lesser quality your entire dish will suffer.  And no, it’s not just the Greek in me being dramatic!

San Marzano Tomato Paste

Made with just  San Marzano plum tomatoes and salt, the fresh tomato taste bursts out of the tube with every squeeze.

It’s funny because the reason I tried this brand in the first place is because I was tired of using half or 3/4 of the small tomato paste cans and either wasting or collecting half empty cans Continue Reading →

Greek Ketchup

crazy flavorful Greek ketchup

crazy flavorful Greek ketchup

Better than ANY ketchup you’ve ever tasted, this “Greek ketchup” is completely sugar and corn syrup free and honestly puts all other to shame. Seriously!

I first tasted this in the small town of New Prokopion on the island of Evia. It was January, rainy and a chilly 50 degrees when we tucked into a neighborhood tavern for a bite. I ordered fried potatoes which came to the table with a small dish of what I assumed to be regular, old ketchup. Wrong!! This was better

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