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Dandelion Greens / Radikia

dandelion greens with Greek olive oil and fresh lemon juice

Horta is a catch-all term for greens and horta vrasta means simply boiled greens.  This recipe features dandelion greens (radikia in Greek) which are certainly very popular in Greek cooking as are their other green friends vleeta (amaranth), mustard greens and chicory. A dish of boiled greens drizzled with olive oil and a squeeze of […]

White Beans with Greens (Φασόλια με χόρτα)

white beans and swiss chard

A perfect dish for summer greens and an authentic meal enjoyed all over Greece. Swiss chard, beet greens and vleeta/amaranth all are good choices for this recipe. It’s just as delicious warm from the stove or packed in a picnic lunch and good to the last bean! Northern white beans are my favorite in this […]

Hortopita (Wild Greens Pie)

hortopita / wild greens pie

Hortopita or Wild Greens Pie is traditionally made in the spring when wild greens are young and tender. In the US, we have access to a variety of greens year round so you can enjoy this hearty, nutritious meal any time. My yiayia’s favorite combination of greens for this pita, and what I use today, […]

The Greek Vegan Calendar Cookbook / 2016 Edition

The Greek Vegan Calendar Cookbook 2016 (PRINT) Edition Back by popular demand! This year’s PRINT calendar/cookbook includes 25 professionally photographed, full color pages of the 12 most popular recipes of 2015 on The Greek Vegan. Each month features a different delicious dish with image and recipe printed on heavy paper with sturdy spiral binding and […]

Greek Dinner Around the World

Greek dancing to end the night

On January 15th, Greek food lovers from all over the world gathered together to share and enjoy a delicious Greek dinner over one virtual table. Organized by Keri Douglas and Katie Aliferis, this historic and hugely successful virtual event included tables, food and friends from over 50 cities, in 14 countries, on 4 continents for […]

Fried Giant Beans

fried giant beans

Buttery, creamy inside, crispy, salty outside – you will never look at an unassuming lima bean the same way again.  The layers of flavors and textures make fried giant lima beans absolutely addictive! The secret to making these meaty morsels so tasty? Just add your spices to the  (more…)

Marathopites / Fennel Pies

marathopites / fennel frond pies

Fresh wild greens, aromatic fresh herbs and olive oil all wrapped in a simple dough = handheld heaven! Pites (or singular, pita) are a general word to describe hand held pies of all sorts. The variety of fillings is endless, many many of which are traditionally meat/dairy free. This particular pita, marathopita, comes from the […]