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Bouquet Garni a la Grecque

When a recipe for soup, sauce or stew calls for a bunch of different herbs, this is a quick and easy way handle the job.  Simply bundle your choice of fresh or dried herbs and spices into a piece of cheesecloth, tie with a string and add to your recipe.

bouquet garni

Once your dish is done, pull out the bundle and discard. No need to carefully strain the ingredients to make sure every last twig and leaf is out and no worries that a stray coriander seeds or peppercorn will cause Continue Reading →


Is it an herb or a weed? Either way it’s delicious and a staple in Greek kitchens. Fresh, dried, even frozen,dill or άνηθο (anitho) is easy herb to keep on hand year round.

freshly washed dill

Fresh dill is my first choice in most recipes. Whether it comes from your garden, farmer’s market or grocery store always give fresh dill a gentle rinse. I like to spread it out on a clean dish towel, pat dry and leave it to sit for a bit to make sure it’s good and dry before I cook with, dry or freeze it. On top of some great health benefits, dill has such a pretty Continue Reading →

Greek Vegan Favorite Salt

Just seeing the bottle reminds me of being in Greece and it’s  funny how this salt makes everything taste a little more Greek to me.

Kalas Salt

Yes, I know salt doesn’t have a flavor but this is really a salt above the rest. It’s a very pure, fine sea salt and I sprinkle it on not just savory but sweet foods as well. Try it on grapefruit, no joke it take the bitterness out and leaves just the citrussy sweetness on your tongue. Perfect for cooking and baked goods too.

Bonus – unlike other sea salts, Kalas can be used in any regular salt shaker! Find it online at .