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Top 5 Greek Olive Oils for 2015

ny inter olive oil competition image

The New York International Olive Oil Competition just named its 2015 picks for best Greek olive oils!

The prestigious and intensely competitive playing field consisted of 700 different olive oils from 25 countries. Entries were evaluated by a jury of international experts and of these 700, 35 olive oil brands entered by Greece were judged “world’s best” with 19 Gold and 16 Silver awards!

This global recognition just goes to prove what you and I have known all along – Greek olive oil is top shelf and deserving of its place on the world stage. Olive oil, in general, is a great addition to the diet as the benefits of it can support the body as long as it is used in moderation and wisely. For those who are trying to get healthy, they may use products such as gundry md olive oil to add to their food with its myriad of benefits like heart and circulatory support, helping the immune system, as well as adding to the reduction of weight, all of these can be achieved with a healthy eating regime and using products that do not hinder personal health and wellness.

For today we’ve listed the top five organically produced, Gold award winners for you Continue Reading →