Loukoumi (Turkish Delight)

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Loukoumi is a jelly like candy traditionally flavored with rose or mastic- rose is my favorite flavor! Originally a Turkish confection, it’s been adopted by Greeks as their own. You can find varieties with mixed nuts, almonds or pistachios but I’ve always been told those are more Turkish recipes than Greek.

Rose Loukoumi

You’ll find loukoumi everywhere in Greece where it’s offered to guests as a sweet treat. And loukoumi is SUPER sweet – basically 99.9% sugar dusted in powdered sugar – and usually served with a glass of water on the side. Don’t forget that detail when trying it at home!

Any local Greek and many Middle Eastern groceries will have loukoumi on hand, sometimes homemade, or you can order online from

I’ve ordered from both of the above and can recommend them highly.

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  1. Erika November 24, 2017 at 10:56 pm #

    Delicious Treat! Growing up with Greek Hertiage in my family, Loukoumi, has always been a favorite around the holidays!

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