Roasted Red Peppers

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Roasted red peppers are delicious in salads, flavored oils, dips and  sauces or perfect all on their own with a piece of crusty bread. The method I recommend here is to roast your red peppers in the oven at high heat.

roasted red peppers

Much simpler than broiling whole peppers or holding them over an open flame, this method leaves peppers easier to seed and peel. And I guarantee you’ll notice an even more intense roasted pepper flavor from the longer cooking time.

halved and cleaned

halved and cleaned

Cooking Instructions

  • Clean well, no veins, seeds – by seeding prior to roasting you get a neater final product
  • Halve lengthwise
  • lay skin side down on parchment lined pan
  • brush generously with olive oil
  • roast at 400 degree oven for 30 minutes

Roasting concentrates flavor.

Let cool, peel skin off gently. Cut into 1-2 inch strips. Store in olive oil for up to 3 weeks. Pour off oil every few days and collect the delicious red pepper flavored oil.

roasted red peppers

roasted red peppers

These are delicious as a topping for skordalia on toasted bread rounds

roasted red peppers and skordalia

And as a key ingredient in finger licking good Greek ketchup .

Store bought option – Our local Whole Foods market has them in the prepared foods section with the olives, capers etc but not all the time. Pastene also makes jars of roasted red peppers with no preservatives or sugars. They are not terrible and can save you in a pinch. Remember to check and make sure jar options do not contain sugar or corn syrup or preservatives other than citric acid and salt.

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