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Quick Kritsinia (Sesame Bread Sticks)

kritsinia sesame bread sticks

You’ll find these crunchy sesame bread sticks wherever you go in Greece. With dozens of varieties to suit every taste, some are sweet, some savory and made with everything from honey and cinnamon to zucchini. Kritsinia are delicious with coffee for breakfast or snack and are a perfect side to any lunch or dinner.

This recipe makes about 2 1/2 dozen and uses store made bread dough. Sea salt, olive oil and sesame seeds dress up the basic dough and give you a positively addictive Continue Reading →

Greek Salad Dressing

authentic, delicious Greek vegan salad dressing

This is my favorite Greek vegan dressing, hands down. There is a secret ingredient and I’m going to share it with you. It gives a zest and zing to the flavors that will have you licking your fingers with joy.

The secret ingredient is mustard powder! You don’t taste mustard, it just amps up all the other ingredients giving you Continue Reading →

Roasted Red Peppers

Roasted red peppers are delicious in salads, flavored oils, dips and  sauces or perfect all on their own with a piece of crusty bread. The method I recommend here is to roast your red peppers in the oven at high heat.

roasted red peppers

Much simpler than broiling whole peppers or holding them over an open flame, this method leaves peppers easier to seed and peel. And I guarantee you’ll notice an even more intense roasted pepper flavor from Continue Reading →

Pita Batter Dough

This is a traditional dough used when you are making pitas or pies stuffed with veggies, greens and other goodies. Different from fillo dough that comes in flaky sheets, batter dough envelopes your pita filling in a light, golden cake.

pita batter dough for squash pies

Perfect with sweet or savory fillings, you’ll find a million ways to use this dough! Continue Reading →

Baked Soup Croutons

Baked soup croutons are a great way to add a special touch to an ordinary meal. Crunchy and fun, try placing a dish of soup croutons alongside bowls of soup or stew and let your guests add their own!

baked soup croutons

These are very simple to make, using whatever sliced bread you have Continue Reading →

Roasted Garlic

roasted garlic

roasted garlic

Roasting garlic in the oven brings out a buttery, nutty sweetness that is so different from raw garlic. Make a big batch at a time and you’ll have it on hand, ready to pop into your favorite recipes. Easy to cook and store, see what you think of the Greek Vegan’s no-fail garlic roasting technique!

Quick prep, easy clean up and perfectly delicious results every time – here’s the secret, Continue Reading →