Favorite Vegetable Broth

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Hands down this is the Greek Vegan’s favorite vegetable broth. Alce Nero is actually imported from Italy (not Greece) but we’re neighbors so that’s ok!

Alce Nero Organic Vegetable Broth

This organic broth comes in 88g cubes and quickly dissolves completely in boiling water.One cube yields two cups of broth. I often make 2-3 cubes at a time. That way I have it on hand in the fridge or frozen in an ice cube tray at all times.

1 cube yields 2 cups of broth

This particular brand is wonderful because it is not overly salty which can sometimes be a problem with vegetable broths. The taste is flavorful and surprisingly robust. Sip a little and you can actually pick out the different vegetables – carrots, celery, onions to name just a few. This broth will add so much  flavor to your soups, stews and sauces.

vegetable broth cubes

Another nice things is that it can stand on it’s own if you’re in the mood for a hot cup on a chilly day.

hot cup of broth

In the Boston area, I purchase it at a specialty Italian foods store in our neighborhood. Can’t find it anywhere online in the US. If you do find an online source, please share!

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  1. lagatta à montréal July 26, 2015 at 12:36 pm #

    I wonder if it’s available here in Montréal. I live in our Little Italy and haven’t seen it in the supermarkets and speciality stores there, such as Fruiterie Milano, or at my favourite Greek supermarket, Supermarché PA. I do find those cubes too salty. Now that it is summer, I also have a big collection of kale ribs, celery and coriander stems and other vegetable cuttings which I’ll stick in the slow cooker.

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